Make it easy
The easier something is to clean, the more likely I am to do it. I'm pretty good about most things, except when I get in a funk about it. For example, I would rather cook than buy take out on a ...more
Starting over
Have you ever thrown away something you've worked on for months? How about a year? If you haven't, let me tell you — it's fucking scary. But every time I've done it, it always turns out to be ...more
Don't stop
Being good at *something* feels awesome. Or maybe it's just getting *better* at something. I'm not talking about the kind of feel-good from eating a juicy steak or having a good time at an awesome ...more
Life's too short not to get good sleep. How many times have you stayed up a couple extra hours to get that thing done, or to watch that thing, or to not do particularly anything. Granted, there are ...more
Buy ice
I don't have an ice maker. It's infuriating every time I run out but I don't know I've run out, and it's hot as fuck, and I'm trying to drink a cold glass of water, or orange juice, or anything, and ...more
You and yourself
It's so great to have a good time with friends that it's hard to imagine sharing these kinds of experiences without them. Think of the trips, the parties, the nights spent talking until the sun ...more
I went snowboarding, and I didn't know how to snowboard. It was a fun time. There's nothing like starting from zero and watching yourself getting the hang of something. To go from not being able to ...more
There are certain things I do to rest after or during a day's work. Sometimes I'll watch a movie, or maybe I'll go out for a drink with friends, or I'll just take a nap in the middle of the day. ...more
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. When you wake up and you're thirsty and sleepy and hungry, nothing feels better than wiping all that away with eggs and bacon. That first swig of water. ...more
Interior design
I remember how it was exciting to start with a blank slate when I moved into my new apartment. I spent hours looking through furniture and interior design sites and magazines for ideas and ...more
Keeping your apartment clean is hard. Even keeping your room clean is hard. There's an invisible wall you have to climb over to muster the motivation to pick up your clothes and vacuum the place. ...more
I don't have internet at home. Although it sounds horrible, it's working out better than I ever thought it would. With a bit of preparation, and assuming you have access at some point during the ...more
You are your food
The other day at dinner, a friend told me people are what they eat. Now I can't see unsee it. All of us each have our unique personalities, charming in our own ways. This friend of mine especially. ...more
Can't imagine
Think of a song you've been into lately. Think about those five minutes that makes you feel something. Sometimes it's so good a part of you wells up inside. Then you discover another of a million ...more
It's tempting to think about carrying around an iPad, a good enough stylus, and a sketching app that could replace your sketchbook with almost an infinite number of pages. After trying it, although ...more
Being carsick is one of the worst feelings in the world. Probably second behind being hungover. It's a sickening feeling in the chest, one that stops you from thinking about anything else. The ...more
At ease
When's the last time you felt at ease? I thought I knew the feeling, until it blindsided me the other day. It was familiar, but something I haven't felt in a long, long time. I was laying in bed ...more
A blank page
Facing a blank page is scary. It's the same for any kind of work, be it a blank sheet of paper, a blank canvas, or a blank screen. Even the small things are hard, like the blank page in your ...more
Moving in
Moving in to a new place is exciting. You imagine how your quality of life might improve. You imagine what you might put where, and you imagine all the cool new stuff you need to buy for the place. ...more
Who cares
A friend told me once she cared too much about what others thought about her. The easy thing to say there is, who cares what others think? It's a good mindset. But there is one person you have to ...more
You know that nice kind of sore you get from a good workout? It's evidence that you pushed yourself a little harder than normal. When you do recover, you feel like you're in a better, readier state ...more
15 minutes
You can accomplish a surprising amount in fifteen minutes. For example, you can read a chapter in a book. You can meditate. You can break up what you're working on into a fifteen minute block, ...more
A million bucks
Shopping is fun. When you have some extra cash to spend, it's fun going out, and getting a new shirt, or maybe some new shoes, or maybe even a gadget you were thinking about, without thinking about ...more
The moment you've said everything on your mind, suddenly, you've become uninteresting. It's because when we think we've got something figured out, we'll be itching to find the next thing to figure ...more
There are people who I can talk to for hours about anything. Then there are the people who I can't talk to at all, the ones where it's kind of awkward. Most people are in between. Of course I could ...more
One thing
Sometimes there's one thing that's part of a bigger whole that is so insanely good that it lifts the whole thing up. For example, take a game that has no plot. I'm thinking about the game Flower. ...more
There's an invisible energy that comes from being around people. It's something all of us need. It's not addicting like cigarettes or alcohol. It's more like something we should get, but we don't ...more
You know those people that you seem to be able to talk endlessly about anything with? Even if it's about nothing. You could shoot the shit forever. You're constantly making witty remarks and inside ...more
Clothes are hard. What do you need in your closet? It depends on so many factors. Your style, the season, where you live. What do you need to get? It depends on what you already have, or even how ...more
A lack of control
I can ride a bike, but I've never been any good at it. I've never figured out how to ride without holding the handle bars, for example. And it's become quite apparent I don't have a talent for it ...more
You know what they say about clothes, that it's all about the fit and quality? I hadn't been so keen on this, half because I was lucky enough that half my clothes happened to fit pretty well, half ...more
Debts are a scary thing. It's hard to forget them. I have a friend who I haven't talked to in a year that walked out on one that he owed me. In the grand scheme of things the debt itself was ...more
So many decisions in our life are based on recommendations. A lot of them make sense. The food you eat, the things you buy, maybe big things like where you live and where you went to school, none of ...more
Be nice to yourself
I had a hilarious thought the other day, about how I'm the only person I'm forced to hang around all day, every day. The only break I have from myself is when I'm sleeping, and even that's ...more
A welling
I used to take private violin lessons when I was a kid. Once a month we would hold a recital for all of Mrs. Perkins's students. It was extremely nerve wracking for a eight year old, to have to go ...more
A ringing
Sometimes, maybe once a month, I'll lie in bed in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, lost in despair for about fifteen minutes, trying to come to terms with the ringing in my ears. I have ...more
I love falling in love with a single song. Something that I can loop over and over and over. These songs are rare, of course. They probably come along once every month or so. But when they do, it's ...more
On getting blasted
I read a great, and surprisingly hilarious, book about Apple, although it was mostly about Steve Jobs, called [Insanely ...more
The worst feeling in the world, part two
I've known for a while that it's important to keep something on you to write on at all times, like a small notebook or an app on your phone that you can use to jot anything at a moment's notice. It's ...more
It's easy to see the best version of someone. Find them at work. This isn't necessarily the work she does at her day job, although it could very well be. She could enjoy it, or not. The important ...more
I don't write or talk much about movies. Same with music. There are already so many talented people writing about movies and I could read them all day, and they do the films more justice than I could ...more
Sometimes, I get an urge to stop whatever I'm doing and listen to music. Music will be all that's on my mind, even if I'm on autopilot working on something else. It usually means that some time in ...more
Drawing people, their faces, their hands, their clothes, their hair, everything, is extremely complicated. If you're drawing on a regular sheet of paper, a millimeter off can look strange and you'll ...more
One of the hardest things to do is to wait. In all its forms. Waiting at the dentist's office. Waiting in traffic. Waiting outside the restaurant for your name to be called. But waiting goes beyond ...more
Don't prove people wrong. It doesn't help anyone, 99% of the time. The other 1% is important, but you can usually tell a life or death situation apart from a normal one. Two things happen when you ...more
I stumbled on the Pomodoro Technique two years ago. It's not a difficult regimen, but neither is exercising and we know how hard that is to keep up. I've been trying to use it this whole time and ...more
The other day I ran out of food in my fridge. I wasn't feeling up for the thirty minute trip to the store so I ate what was laying around. It was horrible. When you're hungry, and you're feeling ...more
Break time
It's hard to take breaks. What? That's right. When you're in the zone, it doesn't feel right to stop. The thing is, it doesn't feel right when you're out of the zone either. Like when you've been ...more
Better the second time
You know what I love more than watching an amazing movie? Watching that same amazing movie a second time, and having that second time end up being better than the first. Most movies in my top tier ...more
There are two kinds of bugs (I'm talking software). The first are the ones that keep you up at night, the ones that you're itching to squash but you can't find the ten minutes it takes to, the ones ...more
When your foot hurts, everything hurts
It's hard to grasp what I mean by that until it happens to you. I have a debilitating symptom on my left foot that makes it painful to walk. It should go away in a couple weeks but in the meantime, ...more
The most important things
Let's talk about the most important things you can buy. There are plenty more important things you can't buy but we think about that all day already. I've found I and many others don't think about ...more
It's worth taking the time to learn how to enjoy spending time alone. It's hard as shit. Don't get me wrong, hanging out with friends is amazing, and probably my favorite thing in the world. It comes ...more
I have a favorite mug. Don't you? The one you reach for in the morning. The one you would rather wash and reeuse than grab a clean one. The ones your roommates know implicitly not to use, and you ...more
All the work we do is invisible. I have no idea how anything works. Take my car. I have a car mechanic friend who could open it up and fix whatever's wrong with it. He's spent years doing it and ...more
[Vim]( is the greatest thing ever. My second favorite thing is [Vimwiki]( Half my day is coding in Vim or ...more
You would think that running as fast as you can is easy. Just... run as fast as you can. But I've recently discovered that it's much, much harder than jogging at an easy pace. When you run as fast ...more
Out of reach
This question is so hard: What is your favorite movie? It's not that I don't have a favorite movie. It's that I can never remember. My brain always tells me, yes, you do have a favorite movie, you ...more
Artist's date, part one
I love [morning words]( But the second big to-do from The Artist's Way still deludes me. I find it difficult to go off somewhere for a few hours on my own. ...more
This book managed to accomplish exactly what it set out to do for me. It helped me realize that so many of the things I thought were wrong with me are perfectly normal, and in many cases, are ...more
Lock and key
Let me guess, you have one password you use for pretty much everything. Maybe you have another one, for throwaway accounts, or another one you use only on special occasions. In any case, the number ...more
Morning words
It's been just over two years now since I discovered [750 Words]( I think I found it on Lifehacker, which I don't usually like because you read a lot about quick fixes to help ...more
You Are Not So Smart
I love reading about psychology and how our mind plays tricks on us. They're usually peppered across articles on the internet so finding this book was a joy. You've probably heard some of the things ...more
You know those ideas you have piled in your head? All those things you'll get around to when you have free time? The stuff you want to make but isn't time sensitive enough for you to actually start ...more
Little bets
I stopped smoking for six months. It all started with a little bet. I've been convinced for a while that the best way to get yourself to stop, or start, doing something is to make a bet with ...more
I love coffee. I'm not a coffee snub, so I'll drink almost any cup of coffee, even that bland office coffee we all put up with. But although I take what I can get, I think I can tell a good cup apart ...more
The perfect gift
On my birthday last year, I'm pretty sure nobody had any idea what to get me. I know this because I got the weirdest gifts this year. They were thoughtful of course, and I am very lucky to have ...more
A couple weeks ago, I didn't have my computer. It was the greatest feeling in the world. I didn't lose my computer. That would be terrible. I knew exactly where it was, and I knew when I was getting ...more
It's hard to escape addictions. I know it's possible to move on from a single addiction, but I don't know if it's possible to escape being addicted to *something*. I'm sure there are an amazing few ...more
Early bird
It's hard to wake up early. Well, it's not bad when you're forced to stand at the bus stop for school in the morning. Same with waking up for work. You've got someone to pull you out of bed, whether ...more
The good enoughs
Is good enough a good or bad thing? I used to think it was the best thing in the world. It was a great guideline for when it was time to move on to the next thing on my list. I'm talking about all ...more
Crank out
It's not right to ask someone to crank out something that requires any thought or ability and expect it to be any good. It's sad how the term gives the work a diminished level of difficulty, like, ...more
The Hunger Games
I read through the three books in just as many days. It was exhausting, like I went through some major ordeal. I think that's the triumph of these books, that it pulls you into this insane war and ...more
Four and a half years ago, I laughed at my friend for buying an iPhone because I thought it was a gimmick. At that time I'd never used any Apple product besides those frustrating Macs in elementary ...more
Reading on a tiny screen
I recently read a 900 page novel entirely on my iPhone (1Q84 if you're curious, with the Kindle app, if you're curious). It was awesome. I never thought I could enjoy reading something so long on ...more
1Q84 is a fun read. You probably won't be able to put it down for the three or so days it'll take to read such a long novel so think about starting it at the beginning of a weekend when you can enjoy ...more
I try hard to plan ahead. It's even kind of addicting, to plan out every detail for the next three weeks, 2 months, whatever amount of time, ahead. But as soon as you start playing scenarios in your ...more
What's in a name?
I take extra care in choosing my username when I sign up for a new app. I do it so much now that I've created a list in my head of aliases that I try from the top until I manage to get one that's ...more
Please read books
I don't know one person that wouldn't benefit from reading more. One book can change your life. The crazy thing is, I keep stumbling on these single life-changing books over and over. It's not so ...more
How did I ever get along without
Vim is a text editor and I love it. How do you love a text editor? How can you get any dorkier? I used to like coding. It's fun to see numbers and letters turn into something so much more. But now, ...more
On silly games
I love silly games. I especially love silly games on my iPod touch. A good one that comes to mind is [Doodle Jump]( I enjoyed it for about a day. Actually, I ...more
Super speedy drive
About five months ago I found a deal on a solid state hard drive. I had been hearing a lot about how people have been moving to SSDs for a while. Everyone says it's the single best upgrade you can ...more
A girlfriend is a second job. That's not a bad thing. If you work hard it will be rewarding. You can't sit back and expect everything to come easily. And thinking about it the other way around, you ...more
What's the worst that could happen?
I've been cutting my own hair for about five years now. It started in high school after a traumatizing series of bad haircuts. When I finally admitted to myself that there are in fact plenty of ...more
Happy Birthday
My MacBook Pro just turned one year old. It's been really good to me the last twelve months. I think what really got me to pull the trigger on the thing was seeing it in the store and thinking, ...more
Of Mice and Men
I love experimenting with different gadgets for my computer. When something new comes out and the more I hear about it from reviews and blogs and whatnot, the more I want to walk straight to the ...more
Excuse my French
I'm starting to think learning any sort of skill is like learning a new language. There's a similar thread running through learning how to cook, learning how to play the guitar, or even learning how ...more