Sometimes, I get an urge to stop whatever I'm doing and listen to music. Music will be all that's on my mind, even if I'm on autopilot working on something else. It usually means that some time in the previous few days I had discovered a new album or artist that I can't get enough of, although there are times I get hooked again on something that I've been listening to forever. I'll get entranced by the beat and the sounds and the voice and the message and I can't think or want to think about anything else.

And that's a relief. Is that what I need as a quick fix every once in a while? Whatever gets pent up inside, this is the form it takes? Or maybe it's not something that builds up, but something that passes by once in a while to say hello. I'm okay with that too. Music is such a wonderful thing. I don't have one bad word to say about it. It's almost as fantastic as reading.

It's like stumbling on a good book. There are few books that I am anticipating the hell out of and will drop everything to read. But often, when I start reading something that I have good reason to believe will be pretty good, and it turns out it is, then I can't get enough of it. I have to devour the whole thing, as soon as possible. The only thing stopping me is the need for food and sleep, and maybe work. Okay, definitely work, but I resent that more than the other two.

And this works for books I've read before too. Going back to an old favorite after a few years is one of the joys of life. Being obsessed with these books is like being unable to concentrate on much except how much I love the music I'm listening to right now, and how I don't want to do anything except listen to it. While I work. While I don't work. Before I sleep. When I wake up.

It's such a moving thought that someone out there, or maybe a group of people, poured their hearts into something that I love so much, even for a brief period. It's moving because suddenly, I know I have the potential to make something that I can pour my heart into and have others love in exactly the same way, even for a brief period.