Buy ice

I don't have an ice maker. It's infuriating every time I run out but I don't know I've run out, and it's hot as fuck, and I'm trying to drink a cold glass of water, or orange juice, or anything, and I'm out of ice. I have to fill up that little tray and wait another day. And then I drink my already cold drink without that satisfying clunk inside.

I could buy another refrigerator with an ice maker. But everything else about it is already awesome. Things are kept cold fine on top, frozen fine below. It doesn't justify the cost, and more importantly, the trouble of getting a new one just to make ice. I'm satisfied knowing I know next time I'm shopping for a refrigerator.

It's a dilemma. Of the most minor kind. The thing is, I have a good friend for which this isn't minor. It's the worst thing in the world for her (it's a funny story). And then she told me about the day she realized she could buy ice. I think everyone knows that you can buy ice, but this was the realization that she could buy ice to alleviate every single problem she had with ice. Something like $2 for a hot week. Sure, you say, that adds up, but it's like buying coffee at a shop. You could make coffee at home for way cheaper, but it's just something some of us (all of us) do. Don't let the little things get you down.

Go the easy route for almost everything, because these things don't matter. Pay a kid to mow your lawn, don't change the oil in your car, don't try to fix the plumbing, get a delivery service when you're moving house, and buy ice if you want. Hate cooking? Eat out. All the time. I'm not going to blame you.

Oh, and pay to listen to whatever music you want, pay to store your important files online and have them auto-magically sync across everything, pay to have your shit hosted online without worrying about it. What's the only thing you should deliberately go the hard way? Your work. And I hope your work is the work you get to do every day, but also your hobby, your life, what makes you you.

I'm a big proponent of getting the best things you can afford to do the best good work you do. Talking computers, I'm saying get a good keyboard, a good monitor, a good computer. But get the distractions out of the way too. The little things buzzing around you that you have to swat once in a while, or the little things you shouldn't have to resist if you're trying to focus on bigger, better things.