Clothes are hard. What do you need in your closet? It depends on so many factors. Your style, the season, where you live. What do you need to get? It depends on what you already have, or even how old some of those things you have are. Of course one of the hardest things is to simply not buy too much. You know that feeling when you get a new pants or a new shirt. Feels pretty good.

But there's a certain beauty in having a closet that's just right. What I mean is that besides your business formal wear, you have just the right amount of staple items to be able to go out confidently on any day. You can't mix absolutely everything with each other but you can do it a fair amount that it might be a while before you need to wear the same thing twice (unless you want to, of course). You know everything fits well and looks clean.

And every once in a while something new comes in. Maybe as a gift, or it's winter and you need to get a new jacket, or it might be something big like a new watch or maybe some new sunglasses. It's up to you to figure out how these new additions fit in with your style, or if they do at all. And every once in a while you need to retire something. It can be sad, although I like to look on the bright side and thank whatever article of clothing I put away for giving me a good year or two together. Sometimes shoes get worn out, or you look at some shirts and think, why did I ever wear this outside? Don't be afraid to let things go.

And you're constantly keeping an eye out. You're not going shopping every day of course, but you see on the street someone who catches your eye with something you never thought of doing, or you're reading a magazine and you see something nice, or maybe you're reading a comic book and one of the characters is surprisingly fashionable. You take everything into account and save the best for later, to try yourself. This might be the most important part. To be a sponge.

Now do this with your work. Your brain can hold a lot, but you probably go back to only parts of it consistently to do your good work. Every once in a while you learn something new to be even better, and every once in a while you realize you need to stop doing something to get better. Don't try to do too much, or else you'll end up doing nothing at all. Use your fundamentals to create new, beautiful things. You're constantly on the lookout for others doing the same kind of good work you are, for inspiration, for ideas, and that's an amazing thing.

Your clothes are one of the best ways you can express who you are. Same with your work. Look good in a way you think looks good. Keep looking, and keep looking better. Do good, don't settle, keep doing, and keep doing better.