At ease

When's the last time you felt at ease? I thought I knew the feeling, until it blindsided me the other day. It was familiar, but something I haven't felt in a long, long time.

I was laying in bed next to the window. It was a little after daybreak and the sky was pitch blue. Not a speck of white in the sky, which was surreal. I opened the window and blasted the heater, which is super wasteful, but hey, I felt like indulging a little.

I watched planes float through the sky for two and a half hours. What is it to be at ease? It's to not worry about anything. It doesn't mean you don't have things to worry about, but that you aren't worrying about them. And in these two and a half hours, somehow, I wasn't. It felt like everything was all right, and no matter what, everything was going to be all right.