One thing

Sometimes there's one thing that's part of a bigger whole that is so insanely good that it lifts the whole thing up. For example, take a game that has no plot. I'm thinking about the game Flower. It's so beautiful and works on so many levels that it having no plot is totally fine. Or take a game with a bad story, which in many ways is worse than no plot. Now I'm talking abut Final Fantasy XIII. Just terrible. But that game was so beautiful, and it was so fun to play, it made up for itself. It's one of my favorite games.

There's one thing that does it for me. If the music's good, I'm going to like it. With good music, it can't be boring. Now, you can make something awesome with meh music or even no music at all, but if this one thing you can get right will make whatever you're making great, and possibly amazing, then you've got to put some more effort into it. It's more complicated than that of course, like how people have different tastes in music, or how people don't care about music much at all. But then you have the people who fall madly in love with it because of this one thing that makes making it worthwhile. Find that thing and get it right.

And maybe beyond that, why don't you go ahead and make your thing about that one thing? What's the thing that grabs you when you see something, hear something, play with something? Again, it's different for everyone, but if something rings true for you, it's going to ring true for someone else too.